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EfdAL Aluminum is an aluminum profile supplier established by engineers with more than 10 years of experience in Extrusion, Anodizing, Electrostatic powder coating and mechanical processing.


Our company; It offers profiles used in many sectors such as Architectural Systems, Energy, Medical, Automotive, Machinery Industry, Defense Industry, Advertising to its project partners with a high quality understanding.


In addition to the standard profiles used in the sector, we offer optimum engineering solutions to our project partners in the design and production of special aluminum profiles for projects.

EfdAl Aluminum


1.   Aluminum Profile Design

Profiles are designed in geometry to meet the mechanical requirements suitable for the usage area and surface treatments are determined according to the working environment.

2.   Raw Material Selection

The raw material is as effective as the geometry in determining the mechanical properties of the profile. The alloys used with aluminum determine the raw material properties. Appropriate raw materials are selected from alloys suitable for extrusion.

3.   Dies Design and Manufacturing

Production is made in suitable extrusion presses with the dies produced. Proper extrusion conditions are very important to achieve the desired design results.

4.   Surface Treatment

Anodized coating or electrostatic powder paint processes can be applied to aluminum profiles, as well as uncoated (Mill Finish) in some projects.

5.   Mechanical Process

Profiles are produced as 6 m in standard. However, according to the customer's request, it can be sized to desired lengths and mechanical operations such as drilling holes, slotting, threading, angle cutting can be applied on the profile. The project partner only has to assemble the profile instead of the profile.

6.   Packing and Shipping

Protective foil is applied to the visible surfaces of the profiles and the appropriate packaging method is selected depending on the customer's request. Profiles are carefully loaded into containers or trucks so that they are not damaged during shipment. According to the customer's request, shipments are made by land, air or sea.

EfdAl Aluminum