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Industriel Profiles

Aluminum is lightweight, strong, high strength to wait ratio, resilient, corrosion resistant, heat conductive, heat conductive, fully recyclable, etc. It surpasses standard materials such as iron, steel and wood in many sectors.

Efdal Aluminum can offer many types of profiles to the industry by making appropriate die designs with extrusion method. Depending on the area of use, industrial profiles are produced using EN-AW 6060, EN-AW 6063, EN-AW 6061, EN-AW 6082, EN-AW 6005, and EN-AW 7025 alloy aluminum profiles in EN573-3 chemical composition standard in T4, T5, T6, T66, F18, F19, F22, F25 mechanical properties in EN755-2 standard. The profiles are available with colored anodized coating, matt anodized coating or painted with eloctrostatic powder coating. Eloctrastatic powder coating process is done by using class-1 and class-2 paints in Ral standard. There are industrial profiles used without coating.

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