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Solar Mounting Systems

Solar energy systems (SES) convert the energy they receive from the sun into electrical energy and put it to use. Since it is a clean energy source, it has no harm to nature. Solar energy systems can be installed on flat lands, on the roofs of buildings such as factories, schools and hospitals. Aluminum mounting systems are preferred for solar energy system installation because of their lightness, corrosion resistance, strength and easy recycling.

Efdal Aluminum solar mounting systems produce solar mounting profiles such as construction profiles, middle clamp, end clamp and their processed forms suitable for installation in EN-AW 6063-T6, EN-AW 6063-T66 (6063-F25) quality depending on the customer project. It offers mounting systems suitable for flat terrain or different types of roofs.

Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof System
Sandwich Panel Roof System
Standing Seam Roof System
Flat Roof System
Tile Roof System