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Mechanical Processed Profiles

Aluminum profiles shaped by mechanical processing processes are frequently used in sectors such as energy, medical, automotive, machinery industry, defense industry due to their advantages.

Efdal Aluminum, with its experienced technical team, is able to process the profiles it produces in EN755-2 standard with T4, T5, T6, T66, F18, F19, F22, F25 mechanical properties by using EN-AW 6060, EN-AW 6063, EN-AW 6061, EN-AW 6082, EN-AW 6005, and EN-AW 7025 alloy aluminum profiles in EN573-3 chemical composition standard depending on the area of use with its high precision machines at low tolerances. Within Efdal Aluminum

- Precise straight and angle cutting,

- Hole drilling

- Slot opening

- Threading

In addition to standard processes, special processes can be carried out in accordance with the customer's project and in accordance with the technical standards specified by the customer. Machined parts can be mill finish or anodized (hard anodized, architectural anodized), powder coated.