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Architectural Systems

Aluminum architectural profiles offer a wide range of possibilities for architectural works thanks to the wide geometry options offered by the extrusion method. Aluminum profiles, which are used in the construction sector due to their resistance to corrosion, resistance to impacts and scratches, and aesthetic appearance, offer special living spaces to users in exterior and interior spaces.

Efdal Aluminum offers many architectural systems such as door-window profiles, exterior profiles, sliding systems, shower cabin systems, sun shades, thermal barriers profiles to the construction sector by producing them with precise surface quality. Anodized architectural profiles with Qualanod quality coating in the range of 10-15 microns and bronze, light bronze, inox, natural, golden, black color options provide surfaces with high corrosion resistance. It also offers powder coated products between 60-80 microns with electrostatic powder coating option and in the colors of international Ral standards. The paints used in the powder coating process are of Qualicoat quality. Class-1 and Class-2 powder coatings are selected according to the areas of use.

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